Awesome Foundation Detroit

Awesome Foundation: Detroit

We give $1,000 to awesome projects in Detroit. Apply here.


Interested in becoming a trustee? Attend monthly meetings, vote on projects, contribute the $100/month, and be the voice of Awesome Detroit.

Email and introduce yourself.


How it works

Every month, 10 trustees each put $100 on the table and cast a vote on a project we think is awesome. We then give the winning project $1000 in cash to spend however they choose.


What is the catch?

There is no catch. There are no strings attached. One of the trustees will check in with you a few times to see if we can help your project with introductions and to see how things are going, but this is for your benefit. We also like to do a blog post about your work a few weeks after we have handed over the funds.



We accept applications on a rolling basis.

Depending on when you apply and when our meeting is scheduled, you will hear back on your application 1-6 weeks after you submit. Please bear this in mind for timing when you apply and how that will impact your project timeline.


We love Detroit, so we are investing in it.

Detroit's chapter of the Awesome Foundation was initially started several years ago with a grant from the Knight Foundation. Once the funds ran out, the group slowly dissolved. We are restarting it from scratch without any outside funding. Every trustee puts in their own money. We care deeply about our communities and want to have our own skin in the game when we back a project - it aligns everyone to move in the same direction.

There are many chapters of the Awesome Foundation all over the world and every chapter does things a bit differently. Learn more about the Awesome Foundation here.